Metering Services

Metering Services

The United States Postal Service is phasing out paper Customs Forms for international parcels. Please refer to the information below regarding shipping international parcels.

To decide if you need a customs form use this link:

1.Fill out the information requested.

2.Click on the class you want to use to send the mail piece.

3.Click on the link provided for the appropriate Customs Form.


To print an online Customs Declaration Form use this link:

1.Fill out the information requested.

2.When you get to the Review and Print you will need to be sure you print and sign 5 copies of the form.

3. Put your parcel out for your regular HUMS pickup.


HUMS Metering Service

Mail metering service can be provided to any Harvard affiliated department. HUMS will apply postage to any item that the USPS will accept. HUMS metering service eliminates the need to maintain a mailing system at your department.  This will free your department of the cost of leasing agreements, postage advances, and meter maintenance charges.

At the usual delivery times HUMS will pick up any mail to be metered.  We will code and report charges for postage and fees to suit your department: we’ll accept any number of codes.  We can also produce detailed records of metering activity. Departments may also set up multiple accounts on the same billing code, with each account showing on separate lines on your detail listing.

HUMS makes every effort to meter mail on the same day that it is picked up.  On rare occasions, or when a very large mailing is picked up at the end of the day, the mail will be metered and sent out by 12:00 p.m. the following day.

HUMS meters all mail at First Class rates unless otherwise specified.

In addition, HUMS can meter mail at the following rates.

  • Certified Mail
  • Express Mail
  • Priority Mail
  • Parcel Post
  • Media Mail
  • Express Mail International (to qualifying countries).
  • Priority Mail International
  • First Class International

All metering customers will be supplied with yellow HUMS mailing labels which should be affixed to bundles of mail to be metered.  These labels allow HUMS to quickly identify the account to be charged.  Easy identification of the account to be charged expedites the metering process and assures accurate billing.

For customers beginning this service in FY22, standard metering fees are $15 per month as well as the following handling charges:

Type Per Piece
Letters $0.03
Flats $0.04
Parcels $0.07
International Parcels $0.10