Mail & Delivery Services

Mail & Delivery Services

HUMS provides delivery of interoffice and U.S. Mail to most University addresses in Cambridge and Boston, and will pick up outgoing interoffice and U.S. Mail with postage from any delivery point.

We provide professional services ranging from mail delivery to operating a full mail center. 

The Student Mail Forwarding Center serves anyone who receives U.S. Mail at the Harvard Yard Mail Center, the Undergraduate House Mail Centers, Vanderbilt Hall, Cronkhite and the GSAS residence halls.  We do not offer forwarding service for private carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Airborne.

Packages and important documents can be brought quickly by courier from one Harvard office to another, throughout the Cambridge and Allston campuses. We offer special courier services on demand including confirmation of delivery.

Mail metering service is provided to any Harvard affiliated department.  HUMS metering service eliminates the need to maintain a mailing system at your department.  This will free your department of the cost of leasing agreements, postage advances, and meter maintenance charges.

Larger quantities of mail can be prepared for mailing through the USPS or interoffice mail delivery.  HUMS will print, collate and mail large orders for any Harvard affiliate.