Student Mail Forwarding

Student Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding is an option available to residents of the Harvard Yard Mail Center, the Upperclass Houses, the GSAS Mail Center, and Vanderbilt Hall. When a resident leaves, whether temporarily or permanently, they may submit a forwarding order and their USPS mail and parcels will be forwarded to an address of their choosing. Please note that if mail is being forwarded off-campus (which is most common), only First Class U.S. Mail and parcels can be forwarded. USPS Standard Mail, Non-Profit Mail, magazines, and any parcels received through private carriers cannot be forwarded.  If a forwarding order is not submitted at the link below, any mail or USPS parcels received for the resident while they are off-campus will be returned to sender.

The Harvard Student Mail Forwarding Center will also forward mail between Harvard residences. For example, we will forward mail from the Harvard Yard Mail Center to students’ current address at the Houses. We will also forward mail for students who have moved between houses or who have graduated and moved to housing at any of the graduate schools.

It is important that you update your shipping address with any online retailers because many parcels are not forwardable. Parcels that arrive on campus from private carriers, such as AMZL, UPS, FedEx, etc, are not forwardable and will be returned to the sender.

Please note that submitting a forwarding order alone may not be sufficient to get your mail forwarded. When moving between Houses or taking a leave of absence please notify us, or have your building manager’s office or House office notify us, that you have left. Otherwise, mail will continue to be sorted into your mailbox and will not be forwarded. When graduating or departing for the summer, however, your mailbox will be closed automatically.

The Student Mail Forwarding Center can be reached at

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