Mail and Distribution Services offers a variety of postal and printing services to the Harvard Community. We are dedicated to providing excellent service and consultation to support Harvard University's communications throughout its campuses and around the world.


If you receive mail at the undergraduate Houses, GSAS Mail Center, Harvard Yard Mail Center, or Vanderbilt Hall, and are off campus for the summer, please go to https://www.hums.harvard.edu/mail-delivery/student-mail-forwarding to submit your forwarding order.

HUMS Operations on Saturday, 1/29/22

HUMS operations will be closed on Saturday, 1/29/22 due to the expected winter weather event. This includes all COVID-19 test drop bin collection, the GSAS Mail Center, and the Harvard Yard Mail Center. Please direct any questions to HUMS@harvard.edu.

Winter Recess 2021

HUMS administrative offices are closed during Winter Recess, 12/18/21-1/2/22. We will be receiving and delivering to customers who have made arrangements during the recess. Please direct any questions or inquiries to HUMS@harvard.edu.

Expecting A Parcel?

Expecting a parcel?  

If you are expecting a parcel and have received notification from an outside carrier such as Amazon, UPS, or FedEx, please understand that there may be up to 48 hours of turnaround time from that notification until it is received by the University. 

If it is a parcel sent to either:  HYMC, GSAS or the undergraduate package depots (From August 18-September 14) received by HUMS you will receive an email from notification@witstracking.com directing you to pick up from a designated mail center.  As of September 14 all parcels for the undergraduate houses will be received by the buildings, and the depots will be closed, with the exception of Eliot and Lowell, which will close on September 15th.

If you are looking for a parcel you believe was received by HUMS please email HUMS@harvard.edu with the following information:


Your name

Your address

Any addressing issues (i.e. sent to First Year address instead of house, or sent to parents name)

Tracking number, carrier and any identifying information (i.e. is it a book or a futon?) 

The HUMS email account is monitored Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

MAC-River House Package Depot Delayed Opening 9/2/21

Due to heavy rains and the potential for flooding, the MAC Package Depot serving the River Houses will have a delayed opening on Thursday, 9/2/21. Weather permitting the Package Depot will be open at 12:00  PM.