The House Mail Centers

The House Mail Centers

Harvard University Mail & Distribution Services (HUMS) maintains the mail centers for the

12 undergraduate Houses, where most undergraduate students live.

These mail centers are:

  • Adams Mail Center - 26 Plympton St.
  • Cabot Mail Center - 60 Linnaean St.
  • Currier Mail Center - 64 Linnaean St.
  • Dunster Mail Center - 945 Memorial Dr.
  • Eliot Mail Center - 101 Dunster St.
  • Kirkland Mail Center - 95 Dunster St.
  • Leverett Mail Center - 28 DeWolfe St.
  • Lowell Mail Center - 10 Holyoke Pl.
  • Mather Mail Center - 10 Cowperthwaite St.
  • Pforzheimer Mail Center - 56 Linnaean St.
  • Quincy Mail Center - 58 Plympton St.
  • Winthrop Mail Center - 32 Mill St.

Mail for residents of the House system should be addressed as follows:

<Full Name>
<Mailbox Number> <House> Mail Center
Cambridge, MA 02138

So, for example,

John Harvard
123 Adams Mail Center
Cambridge, MA 02138

This is the best way to address your mail.  It is not necessary to include the street address, however, some carriers will require a street address, which are listed above.

HUMS delivers all USPS and interoffice mail and parcels to these mail centers.  Parcels from private carriers, such as AMZL, UPS, and FedEx, are delivered directly to the Houses by those carriers.  All parcels are received by the House building managers’ offices, which notify residents and manage distribution of these parcels.

Because of the high turnover rate at the Houses, all the House mail centers work closely with the Harvard Student Mail Forwarding Center to help ensure that any mail for former residents is forwarded to them, whether internal or external to the university. Additionally, if mail is mistakenly sent to a student’s first year address, HUMS will forward it to the proper undergraduate house mailbox.  To avoid delivery delays, please ensure the correct address is used.